Here in this place – Gift Constantine Kaputolo


Here in this quiet place

My feelings like a windmill

Make such a deafening noise

That I can’t control

Like a river, they continuously flow


Here in this lonely place

I gaze at her figure’

So perfect it is without any disfigure

Those soul-searching eyes, I yearn for,

That heart of hers, I want to steal,

Chain and enslave it;

Make it mine


Here in this place

I fantasize making love to her

She; screaming with passion and ecstasy

I; whispering incoherent endearments;

Squeeze those pear-sized breasts

Like a dog, all sanity I lose


Here in this serene place;

I harbour such thoughts

Lord have mercy,

For I am a sinner


Get behind thee!

Author: Gift Constantine Kaputolo

A short story writer, playwright, blogger, poet and actor. Also an economist with an inborn love for literature.