Flickering Lamps – Glaston Jasten Maseko


Lit years ago
These kerosene lamps keep on flickering
Left in care of a number
Qualified to fuel the lamps strings
With quality fuel

Chosen from the world’s darkness and cold
We flicker to lighten our folk’s burden
Nurtured to show and lead the way on
And stand the winds of the times
Light the world out of its darkness

Some filled with pure fuel
Yet some with impurities
Choking the light in the dark
To which the fittest must survive
As the western winds blows

The pure the fuel
The longer we will flit
In the helter-skelter weather
And the consuming thick darkness
Gasping to devour our light out

Don’t we flick to the moon?
That which braves the night in a glow
Omni-visible and flicker-proof
Distinct among the stars