Basking in the Shade – Glaston Jasten Maseko


The sky is elevated
White is the limit
Trapped in the sky gesture and stare
A game of neck heftiness
How far can it stretch?
To keep the head staring into the sky
A frantic race of capturing isms
In the process blinding our ground
For we cannot focus on what’s on our ground
When we keep staring into the sky
Thus the sky-obsessed us with its exquisite episteme
And steals the treasures buried
Where we do not focus our eyes on
A daylight robbery

We flourish in subscription
Through promotion of stiffened tariffs
Curtsey of donated psyche
Basking in the null hypothesis
The comfort of brain-washed fellows
The provider always wins
In this psychic oppression
Sugar-coated through giving back to the society

We are basking in the shade
The canopy of intellectual illiteracy
Constrained and blinded breakthrough
A shade of controlled opportunities
A haven of sleepwalkers.